Protein Analysis and Cell Experiment

CE (Capillary Electrophoresis)

Image Analyzer

Microplate Reader

Fluorescence Microscope

Characteristic Analysis of Protein Specimens

Identification and Quantification of Protein Using Antigen/Antibody

Cell Differentiation

Cell Adhesion Test

This test is to check if cells’ initial adhesiveness and friendliness are as intended for the subject material.

Cell Multiplication Test

This test is to check if the multiplication rate of cells is as intended for the subject material.
It is a method of identifying the growth rate of cells by culturing them directly on the subject material for a few days.
MTS assay: cell viability by mitochondrial dehydrogenase

Osteogenic differentition

Toxicity of Cells

This test is to determine the biocompatibility of a biomaterial or its elusion by evaluating its effects on cells, such as cytolysis (necrosis) and growth inhibition. For this test, a cell culture technology is employed.