Rainbow™ Shade Block A cuttable dental guide material


- The blocks have their own colors and thus no dipping is required.
- Colors remain after occlusal adjustment in the oral cavity
- All the A series rainbow™ coloring solutions can be used for the simplified A0.5 and A2 blocks.
- A colored crown can obtain satisfactory colors by drying fully at 90°C and then sintering at 1500°C.

Clinical Cases of rainbow™ Shade Block


Form Diameter Height Shade Product
Φ98 mm 10~24 mm A0.5 TS9810A05, TS9812A05, TS9814A05, TS9816A05,
TS9818A05, TS9820A05, TS9822A05, TS9824A05
A2 TS9810A2, TS9812A2, TS9814A2, TS9816A2,
TS9818A2, TS9820A2, TS9822A2, TS9824A2
Φ98 mm 12~24 mm A0.5 TS9812WA05, TS9814WA05, TS9816WA05,
TS9818WA05, TS9820WA05, TS9822WA05, TS9824WA05
A2 TS9812WA2, TS9814WA2, TS9816WA2,
TS9818WA2, TS9820WA2, TS9822WA2, TS9824WA2

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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2014-I10-08-0954