Rainbow™ High Shine Block A cuttable dental guide material


Rainbow™ Shine is a cuttable dental guide material made of colorless and colored zirconia (ZrO2) and comes with various sizes so as to repair multiple neighboring teeth.


Optimal for the rendering of single cases. To render a bridge, a stable prep and connector design is needed.


Type Diameter Height Shade Product
Disk type Φ98 mm 10~24 mm A0 AT9810A0, AT9812A0, AT9814A0, AT9816A0
AT9818A0, AT9820A0, AT9822A0, AT9824A0
A1 AT9810A1, AT9812A1, AT9814A1, AT9816A1
AT9818A1, AT9820A1, AT9822A1, AT9824A1
A2 AT9810A2, AT9812A2, AT9814A2, AT9816A2
AT9818A2, AT9820A2, AT9822A2, AT9824A2
Step type Φ98 mm 12~24 mm A0 AT9812WA0, AT9814WA0, AT9816WA0, AT9818WA0
AT9820WA0, AT9822WA0, AT9824WA0
A1 AT9812WA1, AT9814WA1, AT981W6A1
AT9818WA1, AT9820WA1, AT9822WA1, AT9824WA1
A2 AT9812WA2, AT9814WA2, AT9816WA2
AT9818WA2, AT9820WA2, AT9822WA2, AT9824WA2

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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2014-I10-08-0954