Rainbow™ Shine-T Machine-cut Dental Material

Purpose of Use

GENOSS rainbow Shine-T is a dental material used to create dental restorations such as inlays, artificial teeth, crowns and bridges, and it is a production unit that is machine-cut through dental computer-aided design (CAD).

Form and Structure

A block-type pellet composed of zirconia, it is processed through core depending on the patient's dental information and shade, then it is sintered (heat treatment) for use.

Type Name

1) Disk

Type Name Size
(Ø×H, ㎜)
Type Name Size
(Ø×H, ㎜)
Type Name Size
(Ø×H, ㎜)
SH9810A0 98×10 SH9812A0 98×12 SH9814A0 98×14
SH9810A2 SH9812A2 SH9814A2
SH9816A0 98×16 SH9818A0 98×18 SH9820A0 98×20
SH9816A2 SH9818A2 SH9820A2
SH9822A0 98×22 SH9824A0 98×24
SH9822A2 SH9824A2

2) Walland-type Block

형명 치수
(Ø×H, ㎜)
형명 치수
(Ø×H, ㎜)
SH9812WA0 98 94 12 10 SH9820WA0 98 94 20 10
SH9812WA2 SH9820WA2
SH9814WA0 14 SH9822WA0 22
SH9814WA2 SH9822WA2
SH9816WA0 16
SH9824WA0 24
SH9816WA2 SH9824WA2
SH9818WA0 18  

Product Inquiry
This product is a 'medical equipment'. Please read the 'Precautions' and 'Instructions' thoroughly before use.