rainbow™ Porcelain Dental Guide Material for General Use


rainbow™ Porcelain is a porcelain powder dedicated for zirconia, produced by adding very small amounts of various coloring pigments and fluorescent pigments to a compound of feldspar, silica stone, oxides and carbonates. It comprises liner, dentin, enamel, translucent, cervical, glaze, stain, etc.


- Crack-Free: Perfect combination of thermal expansion coefficients of zirconia and porcelain makes it less probable that a crack will occur.
- Esthetic and natural shade: The opal powder and fluorescent power give an outstanding appearance with natural colors.
- Simple build-up: It enables the production of dental prostheses.
- Excellent workability: The specially processed porcelain powder could be easily handled even by a beginner.

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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2013-I10-13-2502