Collagen Membrane A periodontal tissue regeneration guide material


- Highly plastic
- Both sides usable
- A 6-month durable, stable membrane


A multilayered membrane as thin as 300㎛ provides sufficient physical properties for a surgical operation.
The absorption period of six months provides a sufficient time for the stabilization of a grafted area and the regeneration of a new bone.
The thin multilayered structure helps the proliferation of osteoblasts and provides a space for the generation a new bone.

Animal test result

Rabit Calvaria Model, 6?12 weeks (Masson Trichrome)

Trends of degradable ingredients of collagen


Models Size (㎟) Thickness (mm)
GCM1020 10 x 20 0.3
GCM1520 15 x 20
GCM2030 20 x 30
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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2013-I10-04-1373