OSTEON™ III Collagen Synthetic Material for Bone Graft

Purpose of Use

OsteonTM 3 Collagen is used for bone grafts in depressions due to a damaged or missing alveolar bone in regions unaffected by masticatory force to supplement bone regeneration.

Form and Structure

This product was manufactured by mixing the pore-type BCP and collagen to supplement bone regeneration by grafting it into areas where the bone is either damaged or missing. In areas where bones must regenerate, this product is grafted to supplement the regeneration with ease.


· Bone restoration supplement composed of OSTEON™ III and Type 1 collagen
· Subject to changing the form in various shapes while wet
· Easy to use and shortens procedure
· Increases initial manupulability, then collagen is absorbed

Type Name

Type Models Size (mm) Grain size (mm)
Cylinder ND3CC0605 0.2-0.5
0.2 ~ 1.0 mm
ND3CC0610 0.5-1.0
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* This product is a 'medical equipment'. Please read the 'Precautions' and 'Instructions' thoroughly before use.