OSTEON™ II A synthetic bone graft material


- Increase and reconstruction of alveolar bones
- Filling of the lost area around an implant
- Filling of periodontal losses in the lower jaw
- Filling of tooth extraction holes to protect alveolar bones
- Maxillary sinus elevation

Product ingredients

A bone graft material composed of HA and β-TCP at a ratio of 30:70


- With a high content of β-TCP, most of the ingredients are degradable.
- The increased β-TCP content enables faster absorption, which facilitates new bone formation.
- Highly plastic
- Highly wettable
- Osteoconductive bone graft material
- Pore size: Approx. 250 μm (measured by a micro CT)
- Porosity: Over 70%

Animal Test Result

12-weeks follow up in rabbit calvaria model

Product Specification

Type Models Grain size (mm) Capacity (cc)
Vial DT7G0205 0.2~0.5 0.1 / 0.25 / 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0
DT7G0510 0.5~1.0
DT7G1020 1.0~2.0
Sinus (syringe) DT7G0510050SS 0.5~1.0 0.5
DT7G1020050SS 1.0~2.0
Lifting (syringe) DT7G0205025LS 0.2~0.5 0.25
DT7G0510025LS 0.5~1.0


Products Outer diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm)
OSTEON II Sinus Ф7.0 Ф5.0
OSTEON II Lifting Ф5.0 Ф3.4

Instruction for OSTEON II Sinus & Lifting

Product Inquiry
* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2016-I10-32-2005