Prostheses for intervertebral fusion facet type


Integral Cervical Cage Facet Type is a prosthesis for cervical fusion used in the surgical treatment of spinal diseases, which is made of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and mounted with spikes for location and fixation.


Integral Cervical Cage Facet Type is a medical device used in cervical fusion as a surgical treatment method for diseases in articular facets between the C1 and C2 vertebrae. The applicable diseases include:


Models Dimension (mm)
CF301012 3.0 10 12 4.0
CF351012  3.5 10 12 4.5
CF401012  4.0 10 12 5.0
CF451012  4.5 10 12 5.5
CF501012  5.0 10 12 6.0

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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number : 2016-I10-29-1758