NC PTCA Balloon Catheter A catheter for balloon angioplasty that employs coronary artery perfusion


The non-compliant balloon of the NC PTCA Balloon Catheter keeps a good functionality even under a high pressure.

- A quality balloon made of a non-compliant material that endures high pressures
- A state-of-the-art balloon forming technology employed
- Smoothly tapered tip design
- Flexible distal shaft
- Highly pushable skive design


Balloon Diameter Balloon length
8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm
2.00 mm GHBC-08-200 GHBC-10-200 GHBC-12-200 GHBC-16-200 GHBC-20-200
2.25 mm GHBC-08-225 GHBC-10-225 GHBC-12-225 GHBC-16-225 GHBC-20-225
2.50 mm GHBC-08-250 GHBC-10-250 GHBC-12-250 GHBC-16-250 GHBC-20-250
2.75 mm GHBC-08-275 GHBC-10-275 GHBC-12-275 GHBC-16-275 GHBC-20-275
3.00 mm GHBC-08-300 GHBC-10-300 GHBC-12-300 GHBC-16-300 GHBC-20-300
3.25 mm GHBC-08-325 GHBC-10-325 GHBC-12-325 GHBC-16-325 GHBC-20-325
3.50 mm GHBC-08-350 GHBC-10-350 GHBC-12-350 GHBC-16-350 GHBC-20-350
3.75 mm GHBC-08-375 GHBC-10-375 GHBC-12-375 GHBC-16-375 GHBC-20-375
4.00 mm GHBC-08-400 GHBC-10-400  GHBC-12-400 GHBC-16-400 GHBC-20-400

Technical Data

Nominal Pressure 14 atm Catheter type Rapid exchange
Rated Burst Pressure 20 atm Proximal shaft 0.63 mm
Balloon Material Non-compliant Distal shaft 0.92 mm
Folding 3-fold Lesion entry profile 0.43 mm(0.017")
Min. Guiding catheter ID 1.42 mm(0.056") Usable catheter length 1420 mm
Max. Guide wire OD 0.36 mm(0.014") Shelf life 2 years from sterilization date

Product Inquiry
* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2014-I10-11-1113