Infusion Catheter A catheter for coronary artery angioplasty (balloon inflator type)


Infusion Catheter is designed to infuse liquids precisely and directly into a coronary artery at a given point.

The infusion hole on the radiopaque marker enables precise infusion and emission into/from a lesion or point of interest.

One-way infusion through a hub gives the ease of use.

Of an RX type, the catheter could be quickly exchanged.

The smooth-tapered cross tip ensures a flexible movement of the catheter inside blood vessels.

The PTFE-coated hypotube and strong stylet ensures a high pushability and trackability.


- Distal Shaft : 2.6F
- Proximal Shaft : 1.8F
- Soft-tip lesion entry profile : 0.017”
- Maximum Guidwire Diameter : 0.014”
- Minmum Guide Catheter Inner Diameter : 0.056”

Available Models

Product Co. Sideport
Sideport size
Usable length
Distal tube
Flow rate
(3 atm)
Body burst
GIC-01-07 1 Ø0.7 1300 0.87/2.6 0.60/1.8 0.13 ml/sec more than10 atm

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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.
* Approval number: 2013-I10-04-1358