DES (Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System) A stent for coronary arteries



- DES is coated with an immunosuppressant sirolimus that suppresses the proliferation of vascular cells.

- As thin as 70 μm, the strut minimizes the burden to blood vessels and facilitates initial endothelialization.

- DES has a medicinal coat only on the area that contacts a blood vessels, which makes it effective in lesion treatment.
- The drugs and polymers coated on the stent are all degradable and thus only the metal compositions will remain.

- The open cell structure allows the stent to move flexibly and freely inside complex and curvy blood vessels.

- The optimized radial force resists the pressure of a stenosed blood vessel effectively to ensure an adequate space for the stent to pass along it.

- Effective in the treatment of a lesion in a narrow blood vessel.
- It facilitates the stent to move smoothly inside blood vessels.

- The highly hydrophilic polymer coat on the surface of the catheter offers a good access into curved vessels.


- Drug : Sirolimus
- Drug coating thickness < 4μm
- Stent strut width : < 90μm
- Stent strut thickness : < 70μm
- Nominal Pressure : 9atm(2.25~3.50mm) / 10atm(3.75~4.00mm)
- Rated Burst Pressure : 16atm(2.25~3.50mm) / 14atm(3.75~4.00mm)

Angiographic and IVUS findings (9-month follow up)

  DES (n=38) B Company (n=39) p value
In-Stent Late Lumen Loss(mm) 0.11±0.25 0.16±0.43 0.67
In-Segment Late Lumen Loss(mm) 0.11±0.26 0.15±0.43 0.56
IVUS Lumen CSA (mm2) 0.69±1.44 0.59±0.81 0.70
IVUS Stent CSA (mm2) 0.10±0.70 0.26±0.42 0.25
EEM (external elastic membrane) -0.24±0.79 0.49±1.32 0.006

Sirolimus Release Profile


Stent Diameter
8 13 18 23
2.25 GDES-08-225 GDES-13-225 GDES-18-225 GDES-23-225
2.50 GDES-08-250 GDES-13-250 GDES-18-250 GDES-23-250
2.75 GDES-08-275 GDES-13-275 GDES-18-275 GDES-23-275
3.00 GDES-08-300 GDES-13-300 GDES-18-300 GDES-23-300
3.25 GDES-08-325 GDES-13-325 GDES-18-325 GDES-23-325
3.50 GDES-08-350 GDES-13-350 GDES-18-350 GDES-23-350
3.75 GDES-08-375 GDES-13-375 GDES-18-375 GDES-23-375
4.00 GDES-08-400 GDES-13-400 GDES-18-400 GDES-23-400

Stent Diameter
28 33 38
2.25 GDES-28-225 GDES-33-225 GDES-38-225
2.50 GDES-28-250 GDES-33-250 GDES-38-250
2.75 GDES-28-275 GDES-33-275 GDES-38-275
3.00 GDES-28-300 GDES-33-300 GDES-38-300
3.25 GDES-28-325 GDES-33-325 GDES-38-325
3.50 GDES-28-350 GDES-33-350 GDES-38-350
3.75 GDES-28-375 GDES-33-375 GDES-38-375
4.00 GDES-28-400 GDES-33-400 GDES-38-400

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* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.