Inflator B40 Balloon Dialator

Purpose of Use

GENOSS Inflator B40 is a medical device that is used to inflate and deflate the balloon catheter to treat blood vessels of patients with a vessel disease.

Form and Structure

This product connects to a device that is used to treat blood vessels (balloon catheter or stent) to inflate/ deflate the balloon while checking its pressure through a pressure gauge with the maximum pressure of 40atm. It consists of a plastic handle with a screw thread for inflation/deflation and a button that locks/ unlocks the device.


Pressure gauge 40 atm
Capacity 30 cc
Design Non-slip design that prevents the device from slipping out of hands
Material Transparent cover that facilitates the checking of the capacity and bubble removal status
Applications Cardiology, diagnostic imaging, and urology
Functionality Stable pressurization, and easy and fast de-pressurization

Available Models

Models Capacity (CC) Maximum pressure (atm)
GBI-B40 30 40
GBI-B40V 30 40

Product Inquiry
* This product is a medical device. Please, read Precautions and Instructions carefully before its use.